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From the Head Girl’s Seat

Leadership for me has not been an ice-cream on a cone in the Sahara Desert.  It has been a challenging endeavor.  At first the thought of leading a population of almost a thousand students and having to stand and address them publicly left me in a topsy-turvy state.  It was not long before I got used to my responsibility.  This is because a positive attitude towards work had been instilled in me while I was growing up. As a school leader, one can get intimidations in the process of enforcing the school rules and regulations but this shouldn’t discourage you.  It enhances one’s ability to handle people of different personalities. 

I have learnt to manage time because of the need to fit in both academic and administrative work within the limited time. Though leadership at times drained me of my zeal and energy, it was both exciting and satisfying especially when the students worked with intrinsic motivation and with minimal supervision.  It is not easy to say all what I’ve gained from being a leader. In a way, leadership makes one grow faster and feel at peace with the universe. It has advantages too. As school Head-girl I was able to visit Scotland.  In Scotland we learnt about the use of e-learning (electronic learning) which is one aspect of our Principal’s vision.




At Chogoria Girls’ we have also learnt the need to make our environment natural and clean.  We have planted trees, installed a fountain, created a fish pond and now our biology teachers are working to see to it that we have birds in our environment.  This gives students pleasure and comfort as they pursue academic excellence.  The combined efforts of our administrators, teachers, students and support staff have played a great role in establishing an institution of great difference and a people with a passion for change, ever ready to mentor many more leaders and to make the world a better place to live in.  Cheers!




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