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Chogoria Girls High School has recently embarked on a deliberate beautification programme. As one enters the main gate the eyes behold-right ahead-a fountain that resembles a mountain peak. On its base is inscribed in the cool CGHS colours the school’s vision “To Be an Epitome of a Holistic Learning Centre .’

 On the left is Eden-a carpet of green lush grass and flower shrubs. A simulated valley runs through the garden and enters the “sea” – a fish pond shaped like a map of Kenya with real fish. Everywhere the eye beholds a lovely panorama of growing plant colours in carefully constructed flower-beds. The academic square itself is spectacular – an exquisite lattice of pleasing colours, like a painting on canvas. All the colours harmonize to create a calming effect on the mind.


Indeed all this is a deliberate scheme to create an environment that induces peace and serenity which are vital to effective learning. The Principal, Mrs. V.M Gitonga explains it this way:
 ‘Physical beauty has a powerful effect on a person’s mind when you look at something pleasing to the eye you feel calm and joyful; your mind becomes relaxed, restful and at peace. This tranquility enhances learning because even after stressful sessions in class the learners and teachers look at the flowers and after a while things get back into the proper perspective.”

Though she has a personal inclination to flowers, Mrs. Gitonga says the whole programme is achieved through team work,        with everyone happy to contribute in ideas and care . All she gives is a willing ear.





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